MAF 4240/5240/6240

Powerful, performing and unstoppable, users summarize just with 3 adjectives the entire project of the series.
A complete restyling with an even stronger personality. Innovative and safety features for the user, a completely new spraying equipment, and a new model MAF High Performance, for users with long-distance road transfers.
No compromises, just the best for your farm, with specific customization of clearance, capacity, tracking and speed.


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MAF 4240/5240/6240 – KEY STRENGTHS

4 steered wheels with Mazzotti mechanical locking of the rear wheels.
Wheelbase of 360 cm
• greater stability
• external steering radius of just 6100mm
• 50/50% weight distribution when fully loaded and the booms open
Weight of just 10,800 kg with 36 metre booms

Powerful silenced 238 HP Perkins engine with a broad space on either side accessible by two hydraulic ladders.
Powerful traction on all 4 wheels with 2 x 100 litre Sauer pumps.

Hydraulically adjusted track 2250-2950 or 1800-2250.
Available with automatic track adjustment from the cab.
The independent suspension system on the 4 wheels is connected hydraulically on each axle and managed by a hydraulic control unit.

CLAAS cab offering space, visibility, comfort and safety. 
Acoustic comfort with just 67.2 dBA, Grammer leather pneumatic seat, self-adjusting ventilated and heated, automatic air conditioning and ergonomic controls for comfort and driving pleasure without equal.

Dampened parallelogram lifting system with a travel from 450 to 2700mm. Booms: 24-36 metres steel, carbon steel or with air assistance.
400 l/min water pump, 50 litre mixer, 3 refilling systems with motorised controls.

MAF 4240/5240/6240 – Technical specifications

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