IBIS 2130/2530

IBIS 2130/2530 LP has been designed for use in horticulture and on hilly terrain, where its weight and manoeuvrability are key factors in the efficiency of its performance. With a weight of only 5000 kg, Powered by JCB engine of 130 or 165/175 HP, Tier 3/a or 4,  four wheels steering available,  and full-time four wheel drive,  it ensures exceptional performance and the ability to handle inclines of up to 45%.



Standard tracking from 1500 to 1800 or from 1800 to 2250mm. Available automatic hydraulic track from cabin Clearance standard mm1000 and available mm1200

Enhanced comfort in the new Mazzotti cab. Silent with acoustic comfort of only 67,4 dBA and spacious, with all controls at easy reach and an excellent all-round visibility. Safe, with a perfect air circulation throughout the carbon system filter of level 4.

IBIS 2530 is standard equipped with 4 steering wheels, available as option on IBIS 2130. 
 50/50% weight distribution when fully loaded and boom open 
Light weight machine, only Kg 5000

Dampened parallelogram lifting system Booms series Ti-M : from 16 to 21mt for IBIS 2130 and from 16 to 28mt for IBIS 2530. Available stainless steel arms and air assisted kit. 
280 l/min water pump, 40 litre mixer, 3 refilling systems with centralized controls.

Max tank capacity 2100lt (IBIS 2130) and 2600lt (IBIS 2530) Powerful JCB Engine with 130HP Tier 3/A or Tier 4. Available for IBIS 2530 JCB 165/175HP Tier 3/A or Tier 4. Powerful traction, with twin hydrostatic Sauer twin pumps